"For our R&D Center, which sets out with the motto of “Every patient deserves the chance of receiving a modern treatment and the high quality of life”, humans and quality are the most important milestones. Another important role of our R&D Center is the spread and integration of innovative culture within the organization. All development work is carried out by expert teams organized under legal and scientific rules, as well as in subdivisions that comply with Centurion’s ethical rules.

The R&D process in the pharmaceutical sector covers the period from the initiation of the research to the grant of the registration license and the launch to the market. R&D activities in the pharmaceutical sector have the most added value, but at the same time are very high-cost activities. The drug development process is a long-term and risky process in addition to its high cost. Centurion has created  and maintains a well-organized environment for R&D studies that operate with a coherent, contemporary, scientific, and technical approach that is competent to meet the needs of society.

Our R&D department plays an important role for our company to be one of the leading bioequivalent pharmaceutical manufacturers in Turkey, as well as to strengthen and develop its competitive position. Our goal with R&D studies is to be among the leaders of the Turkish and European pharmaceutical market by blending Centurion’s due care and quality strategy with its ever-evolving R&D activities for this purpose. Centurion's R&D processes and technologies are based on a strict IP policy that will provide a competitive advantage for hospital generics and biosimilar products planned to be developed.

Developing innovative generic drugs, as well as high value-added biosimilars with knowledge and skills in our own organization are among our important goals, and our capabilities provide us with options for developing a wide range of different forms such as vials, pre-filled syringes (PFS) and cartridges for liquid and lyophilized products.

Conventional parenteral and nasal Generics

  • Liquid
  • Lyophilized


  • Cell Line Design
  • Molecular Characterization
  • Advanced Process Development
  • Sub Process Development
  • Formulation Studies
  • Process Optimization
  • Method Development and Validation

Plasma Products


Centurion Research and Development Center;

Analytical Development Laboratories

  • Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • Wet Chemical Laboratory

Formulation Laboratory

R&D Biotech Laboratory and

Stability Areas (Zone II and IV).

Centurion Research and Laboratories are equipped with over 200 high-tech devices and equipment for developing Hospital Generics and Biosimilars and for quality control testing.

Our R&D team consists of 26 scientifically qualified personnel such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry Experts, Pharmaceutical Technology Experts, Patent and Intellectual Rights Experts, Pharmacologists, Analytical Chemists, Bioengineers.

Areas of Responsibility of our Research and Development department;

  • Literature/patent screening and evaluation
  • Active substance/excipient analysis and evaluation
  • Formulation trials
  • Analytical method development
  • Laboratory and pilot-scale manufacturing
  • Analytical method validations
  • Clinical study assessments
  • Product enhancement studies
  • Alternative source studies
  • New product stability studies ( Zone II and Zone IV)
  • Compiling Module 3 documents in CTD format for registration dossiers.