Human Resources

We will always stand by our employees by implementing human resources policies that are open to new ideas, creative, reliable, and contemporary with our assuring vision and mission by approaching matters without giving up on our ethical point of view, always with quality time and information sharing.


Vision of Human Resources:

To ensure that we are the most preferred company for highly qualified employees in their field, which makes its employees feel valued with contemporary and sustainable HR practices.

Human Resources Mission:

To create Human Resources policies and practices that will contribute to achieving company goals, to ensure that employees who adopted Centurion’s values, who are competitive and who are willing to learn and improve, and who have the necessary competencies required by the corporate dynamism are employed in positions that enable them to use their potentials most efficiently, and increase the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees to the company.

Job Application:

Please feel free to file your application for job opportunities on, as well.