Since the day we planted our first seeds in our sector in 1949, we have come to this day by never being content with achieving the best and believing that we can do better in every undertaking. More than 70 years of industry experience has taught us that success requires continuity. Flawless manufacturing, stability, and experience are required for continuous success. We continue to make our name heard in the sector with the achievements we have made in biological and biotechnological alternative treatment methods, developing products particularly for the treatment of rare diseases.

We continue to move forward by adopting respect for humans, nature, and our country as our primary values with our flexible, creative, competitive, business-oriented corporate philosophy and shouldering the responsibility of being one of the leading organizations in its field.


Pharmaceutical warehouse and logistics services


Founding of Yeni Şark İlaç Ecza Deposu A.Ş.


Importation of vaccine and plasma products to our country


Acquisition of Centurion Pharma by Yeni Şark A.Ş


Activation of the R&D department and laboratories


Launching of domestically developed and manufactured products into the market


Project for domestic development of biometric products and vaccines


Starting the construction of Centurion Pharma domestic manufacturing facility



Commissoning of Centurion Pharma domestic production facility 


Starting manufacturing following the GMP approval of Centurion Pharma’s domestic manufacturing facility by TITCK


Granting of Biological & Biotechnological product manufacturing approval for Centurion Pharma’s domestic manufacturing facility.