Human Resources

Every employee of Centurion Pharma is proud of our aim to make every patient gain access to modern treatment alternatives and a high quality of life. We base our work on respect to people, to nature and to the homeland, as well as on value-oriented persons who are open to change and improvement with the skills and background that will carry our company to the future and to our objectives.


Our human resources policy can be described as recruiting right persons to right positions via our client-oriented approach, choose the ones with higher potentials in the company, provide their self-improvement, evaluate their performances through the performance management system, make career planning with assignments and sustain a long-term collaboration with our employees.


We commit that, through the sharing of quality time and information, we will always stand by our employees by applying innovative, creative, trusted and contemporary policies on human resources via our assuring vision and mission by approaching the issues without compromising our ethical perspective.

Our Mission

The mission of Human Resources is to make Centurion the most preferred company for high-skilled employees in the field.

Our Vision

  • To create human resources policies and practices that will contribute to the attainment of corporate objectives,
  • To employ new persons who are able to improve corporate values through an active recruitment process,
  • To create a result-oriented organization that is able to make quick decisions, and recruit highly-skilled employees who can support this policy on every level,
  • To apply a competitive and a rightful policy on wages and vested benefits,
  • To contribute to the attainment of main corporate objectives by supporting the success and continued improvement of the employees through a target-oriented management model,
  • To increase the employee satisfaction and their commitment to the company,
  • To determine the requirements in line with the corporate objectives and to take the necessary actions for career development plans.

•    Result Oriented
•    Creativity
•    Taking Initiative
•    Solving Problems
•    Leadership
•    Assertiveness
•    Strong Communication Skills


Pricing system of Centurion is determined by taking into account the basic skills required by the task and owned by the employee, as well as the responsibilities taken and market data. Our wages are established once annually in accordance with performance, inflation rate and our targeted position in the market.