Become A National Brand Loading Us A Big Mission / Forbes / September 2017



Centurion Pharma Chairman of Executive Board M. Ersin Erfa responded to our questions about branding and value added in the pharmaceutical sector and on current investments.


Are you talking about your company and your principles?

Our journey began in 1979. At this point today, we are producing, importing and exporting biological, biotechnological, rare diseases and hospital products and vaccines. We believe that every patient deserves modern treatment alternatives and high quality of life. We have adopted respect for human, nature and country as our main values. In the light of these values, Centurion Pharma, with its flexible, creative, competitive, business-oriented philosophy and bearing responsibility of being one of the leading companies in its field, focuses on technology transfers of products that are not produced in our country.


Your Industry, on behalf of Turkey's development and branding, is identified as one of the strategic sectors…

The pharmaceutical industry is among the sectors with the highest added value. Demographic change, increase in life expectancy, globalization, ease of access to health services and state support; played a role in the growth of the world pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, 20% of drugs given to the market are biotechnological products. Therefore, we anticipate that these products will supersede conventional drugs in the future and the access to these drugs will be easier. With its considerable amount of diversity, Turkey's pharmaceutical industry has the production and export capabilities and is one of our high value added sector. It is a strategic industry due to the provision of health-care services that directly affect human life and high R & D activities. Either in line with global developments or in the framework of the transformation plan in health, Turkey's pharmaceutical sector has the quality and standards to be able to compete with the world. In this respect, I believe that the sector will increase the share of exports in the coming periods.


What is the sine qua non of branding in your industry?

I think domestic production and domestic R & D activities are very important both for our country and the Turkish pharmaceutical sector. Focusing on the designated strategic product groups and ensuring production in global quality and technology standards will be decisive in both areas. In these areas, the creation of the accumulation of knowledge and the development of human resources are critical success factors in branding. Turkey's pharmaceutical sector has a high potential and we are aware that this sector is one of the biggest contributors to our country's 2023 objectives. In this sense, being a national brand loading us a great mission. We are proud to be a part of this mission.


There is a manufacturing facility in Ankara that you are ready to accomplish in your agenda. Can we get details about the subject?

We have set up our production facility in 2015 and will activate it in the last quarter of this year. We moved our R & D to where our factory is, namely Ankara. In the near future we will become the R & D center. At the same time, we also have efforts to increase our collaborations with universities. Biotechnological sense, we plan to become the first pharmaceutical R & D center in Ankara, Turkey. We will also be able to produce biotechnological products in the sense of production. Centurion Pharma has achieved growth over the industry in the last five years. Our production facility is a factory that is designed entirely on the production of biological and biotechnological products. In this sense, as of the first quarter of 2018, it will be a facility that produces biotechnological, biological and injectable products and will have a host of facilities that include automation, environmental awareness, waste control and flexible construction. We are working with enthusiasm on bringing a molecule, which will be used in the treatment of rare diseases, to our country as a national drug, in which our business partners abroad are included in the framework of our R & D activities.