We Invest in Future Technology / Hürriyet / 19 January 2018



Centurion Pharma Chairman of Executive Board M. Ersin Erfa: “We believe that with our long-term and realistic policies, we will make Centurion the shining star of Eurasia and Africa in the short run.”


According to you, how will a year 2018 be for Centurion?

In fields such as oncology, immunology, rheumatology and hematology, it is observed that biological and biotechnological products have an important place in treatment guidelines and a considerable progress in the treatment of these diseases. Our goal as Centurion is to improve the quality of life of the patients by presenting modern and effective treatment alternatives to our country in the first place and then to the Middle East, Africa, Turkic Republics and Balkan countries. We are going to apply our strategic planning under four main topics;

  • Focusing our R & D activities on strategic areas and ensuring the development of targeted products,
  • Realizing Centurion Production Facility, Ankara's first biological and conventional facility, to produce both in the field of human resources, knowledge and skill as well as in global technology and modern standards,
  • Presenting our new products to the service of Turkish medicine in the direction of the latest scientific data by our Marketing-Sales and Medical Departments,
  • Increasing the quality of life of patients and providing ease of transportation by giving an important product to the market in an orphan disease which is the only treatment alternative in our country.


Can you mention about your works in field of biotechnology and the contributions you make to this field?

The most important difference of Centurion is that it is designed to develop biosimiliar products from the cell to the finished product in their own facilities as well as developing orphan drugs and hospital generics. Thus, we aim to create awareness by realizing a project where a few companies can dare. Thanks to the cooperation of the Centurions have done, we aim to increase the global share of our country with minimum risk, the highest efficiency and the world standard technology products entering into Turkey and other markets. Our R & D laboratories, which operate on an area over 1000 m2, consist of Formulation Development, Instrumental, Wet Chemistry, Stability and Biotechnology laboratories. Our equipment park with the latest technology is fully provided Turkey and the European requirement, the studies especially in the development of parenteral dosage forms are being continued by our specialists.


Can you describe Centurion in terms of R & D studies that are important for competitiveness and being a leader?

The most important phenomenon observed in the global economy today is the intensifying competition. R & D and innovation concepts in today's environment are of great importance in the pharmaceutical sector as well as in all sectors. Our country has shifted from low-tech to medium-tech with the change in our production structure and export composition. But we still can not increase the share of advanced technology. In recent years, concepts of innovation and R & D importance for this leap have become more understandable in both the public and private sectors. In this respect, the pharmaceutical industry, which creates value through innovation, will play a pioneering, key and strategic role in reaching the targets of our country in 2023. Our goal as Centurion is to create a culture that invests in R & D of the future, uses top technology for transforming into the product, leads in related fields and has quality-oriented and universal knowledge. In line with this goal, we, as a company, are continuing our work in serious cooperation by bringing together different disciplines and cultures. With our long-term and realistic politics, we believe that we will carry Centurion to the position of shining star of Eurasia and Africa's geography in the short term.