"Prize for Gender Equality in Business Life - 2014 Jury Appreciation Prize" to Centurion Pharma

In the scope of the Twinning Project titled "Improvement of Gender Equality in Business Life" performed by the Directorate-General for Labor in the period of September 2010 - March 2012, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security initiated a project in order to grant a "Prize for Gender Equality in Business Life" to businesses that have good practices in this matter, as was the case in previous years.
The evaluation performed for the prize included titles such as commitment to gender equality, education, existence of mechanisms to appeal to against discrimination, employment, taking the actions that ensure gender equality in career planning and promotion processes, measures taken to provide a balance in business and life, equal pay for equal work policies.
Ratio of female managers and employees at Centurion is above 50%.
Ratio of female employees to male employees at Centurion is 55% to 45%. This ratio is 54% to 46% for management positions at our company.
As Centurion Pharma, we filed an application for the "Prize for Gender Equality in Business Life" for the year 2014.  As a result of the evaluations, we were granted the "Jury Appreciation Prize" for prioritizing equality and positive discrimination.