In the pharmaceutical sector, R&D process encompasses the period starting from the initiation of research until the granting of regulatory approval and product launch. In the pharmaceutical sector, R&D activities are the ones that bring the most added-value but with very high costs. In addition to being a high-cost process, drug development is a very long-term and a risky task. Centurion has created a well organized environment for research and development, with a self-consistent,  a scientific and technical approaches that are  contemporary, encouraging and responsive to the needs of society.

Research and Development department play a major role in consolidating and developing Centurion’s competitive position as one of Turkey’s leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturer’s. Our main target to be among leaders of the Turkish and European pharmaceutical market with care and quality strategy of Centurion with R&D activities which develop continuously through this aim. Centurion's R&D processes and technologies rely on a solid IP policy which constitutes a competitive advantage in the scenario of hospital generics and biosimilars.

We develop innovative generic medicines and biosmilars with value added, which are the product of our own in-house knowledge. Our capabilities provide us a broad range development options of liqid and lyophilized products as vial, PFS and cartrige forms.


Centurion R&D Department Focused on;

 Conventional Parenteral and Nasal Generics 

  • Liquid
  • Lyophilized

 Biosmilar Products

  • Cell Line Design
  • Molecular Characterization
  • Upstream Process Development
  • Downstream Process Development
  • Formulation Studies
  • Process Optimization
  • Method Development and Validation

 Plasma Products



Centurion Research and Development Center consist of 

 Analytical development laboratories

  • Instrumental Analysis Laboratories
  • Wet Laboratories

 Formulation Laboratories

 R&D Biotech Laboratories  and 

 Stability Chambers (Zone II and IV)


Research and Department Laboratories of Centurion has been equipped with more than 200 high-tech apparatus and equipments to develop and quality control tests for Hospital Generics and Biosimilar products.

Our R&D team profiles are contain Pharmaceutical Chemistry Experts, Pharmaceutical Technology Experts, Patent Agents, Pharmacologists, Analytical Chemists, Bioengineers. Our Research and Development team currently consists of 15 dedicated staff, who have scientific competence.


Research and Development department is resposible for;

 Literature / Patent scanning and evaluation studies

 Active substance / Excipiants assessment and analysis 

 Formulation trials

 Analytical method development 

 Laboratory and pilot scale productions

 Analytical method validations 

 Clinical studies evaluations

 Product improvement studies

 Alternative source studies 

 New product stability studies (Zone II and Zone IV)

 Preparation of Module 3 documents for authorization files in CTD format