Distribution of global spending on

R&D by year


In the pharmaceutical sector, R&D process encompasses the period starting from the initiation of research until the granting of regulatory approval and product launch. In the pharmaceutical sector, R&D activities are the ones that bring the most added-value but with very high costs. In addition to being a high-cost process, drug development is a very long-term and a risky task.



Aiming at being one of the leading organizations in the pharmaceutical sector, Centurion Pharma performs the following studies required for obtaining molecules with high added-value for the national medicine and for the patients within its own R&D Laboratory and with an R&D team composed of expert researchers in line with the cGMP principles:


All literature search,
Patent search and evaluation studies,
Supply of drug substances and quality control approval analyses,
Analytical method development and validation studies,
Laboratory and pilot scale production and process validation studies in parallel,
Clinical studies,
Product enhancement studies,
New product stability studies and
Compilation of registration dossiers in CTD format
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